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BVI Does Moment of Silence in Wake of London Bridge Attack

A moment of silence was observed here in the Territory on 6 June in solidarity with those affected by the London bridge terrorist attack in the United Kingdom that has so far claimed eight lives.

The brief silence was recommended by a caller to the Speak Out BVI radio program that was aired on ZBVI radio on Tuesday. The caller noted that the BVI is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, and he bemoaned the terror attack that took place on 3rd June.

In asking that silence be observed the resident said: “This second for our mother country! We are true British patriots; can we have a moment of silence. We must have a moment of silence for those victims who did nothing wrong.”

In addition to claiming lives Saturday’s attack has left numerous persons injured. The country and the world is still stunned at the manner in which men wielding knives and one driving a van killed, and injured many innocent people within approximately eight minutes.

The June 3rd incident came swiftly on the heels of last month’s Manchester bombing which left 22 dead following a detonation at an Ariana Grande concert. It is also shocking that the recent incident resembles the March Westminster Bridge attack where a man also struck multiple persons with a vehicle and used a knife to kill five.

  • Source: BVIHotpress.com

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