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Cleo Hamm Appointed Island Manager Delta Petroleum St Kitts Market

Cleo Hamm has been appointed Island Manager, Delta Petroleum St Kitts market. Hamm was formally introduced to that market on Wednesday 14th December 2011 by Delta Petroleum’s Regional General Manager, Bevis Sylvester.

Hamm has been transferred from the Anguilla market where he worked for the past years.

According to the Regional Manager, Hamm’s appointment is indicative of Delta’s continuous strategy to establish permanence in the St. Kitts market.

“Delta Petroleum is committed to community enhancement and we will continue to share in Community Development. We believe an investment in the community is an investment in the future of Delta in St. Kitts and Nevis,” the Regional General Manager stated.

He continued by saying that competition is healthy for any market and Delta will continue to offer incentives to customers who purchase LPG; there will also be special pricing for Taxis as well as Fleets and the company’s frequency user program will be more defined.

“As we move into the Holiday Season, customers can look forward to a number of giveaways in the market. Likewise, we are looking forward to the patronage of our current customers, but more over, we wish to welcome new customers and invite them to experience the difference with Delta’s high quality products,” encouraged Sylvester

In conclusion, Sylvester stated Delta is committed to living up to its theme in the St.Kitts/Nevis market, “A new day, a new way, a new experience.”

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