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The BVI Improves its Customer Service Products


In making the BVI one of the must competitive regions, the delivery of excellent service should be a the helm of each company’s initiative. The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board held a workshop at Treasure Isle Hotel on 21st and 22nd June 2011 to further improve the level of customer service throughout the territory. There were two presenters at the workshop Laurel Mustafa, Director of Service Excellence Consulting Co. and Malcia Smith-Hamilton, Deputy Director/Business Development Manager, BVI Tourist Board.


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Myron Walwyn donates six radios to BVI Athletics

The BVI Athletics Association has received a timely gift of six hand held radios from Myron Walwyn. The radios will be put to immediate use during the XIV CAC Age Group Championships on July 1-2, to enhance communication and will also be used in future track and field competitions.

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