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Tourists Want To See Historical Sites-Opposition Member; Criticizes Cruise Pier Landside Development

Government should invest money into preserving and making historical sites into tourist attractions over a landside development which is part of the Cruise Pier Development, according to a member of the Opposition.

Hon. Alvin Christopher, Second District Representative said locals will not benefit from such a development since the tourists will remain in that area and not make their way into the city.

"The day that we stop those passengers on the dock and say that we are developing a development there, that is exactly where they are going to stay. So the benefit that we are saying that is going to be received by people of the country, it's not going to happen. I know better," he said.

Hon. Christopher spoke about his experience while serving as minister.

"Even when I was Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, I put a committee together knowing what I knew from the cruise industry to go about highlighting all the historical sites and to develop a plan on how you can approach the Government and get them funded because that is what they were asking for," he asserted.

Meanwhile, yesterday, the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) stated that it has limited commercial space available on the upper floors of all the buildings at its new cruise pier development, Tortola Pier Park.

Interested businesses including banks, trust companies, telecommunications businesses, small offices and other types of commercial entities are invited to submit an Expression of Interest or EOI to the BVIPA by September 15, 2014.

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