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BVI Pride As Kyron McMaster Returns 

BVI's star athlete Kyron McMaster was celebrated late yesterday afternoon, Monday, May 22nd by residents across the BVI at the Admin Complex. McMaster won the Men's 400 Metre Hurdles with a time of 47.80secs at the Jamaica's Invitational Meet in Jamaica on Saturday. 

Minister of Education and Culture Hon. Myron Walwyn said that he took an interest in McMaster from a very age and watched him progress. However he said that last Wednesday before he departed for the Jamaica races, McMaster said that he was concerned about other athletes. 

"That shows that he is somebody who cares about people. I said to him it might sound selfish but I am not being selfish; sometimes when you heading somewhere you cannot carry everybody with you one time, it's too much weight for you to carry sometimes."

Walwyn said that but for those behind he (Walwyn) will help to hold the strain for them.

"But the most important thing you can do for those persons you want to bring along is to break that glass ceiling for them. And I am saying to you go out and break that glass ceiling and bring home an Olympic gold medal here…And I believe in every fibre of my being you can do it and you will do it," he said. 

McMaster thanked his parents and in particular his coach Dag Samuels. 

"We come from a small island we are underrated a lot and we have been through a lot so for me to do that under him. I want to say I love him and thank him for all the accomplishment we have made and this is just the beginning."

He added: "we have much bigger plans ahead of us."

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