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Hon. Walwyn Predicts Olympic Medal

Minister with responsibility for Sports Hon. Myron Walwyn predicts that BVI athlete Kyron McMaster who was recently ranked the second fastest hurdler over 400M distance would soon bring the Territory an Olympic medal.

While speaking in the House of Assembly on April 20th Hon. Walwyn declared that greater things are in the winds for McMaster: “I am going to make a prediction tonight that the BVI first Olympic medal will come from that young man Kyron McMaster.”

“It is not a simple thing to be the second fastest runner in the world in the 400M hurdles. You see how small Tortola is. We talking about the world, and we have an international star right here on our hands,” Walwyn further said while he also mentioned other athletes such as Nelda Huggins and Chantel Malone,” the Minister for Education and Culture added.

Further Hon. Walwyn stated that the time has come for the BVI to invest more in its athletes:  “We have the raw talent here in the Virgin Islands and it is time for us to come and put a programme together with some money behind of it to ensure that these young people get all the help they can get so that they can become as great as we know they can – and certainly they will be. So I will be bringing something forward to the government to be able to assist those young people,” he announced.

In drawing reference to proper investment and commitment to sports, Hon. Walwyn used Jamaica as an illustration: “Jamaica is very proud of their Usain Bolt. They didn’t just start to help Usain Bolt when he came to the top. They saw him rising through the ranks and the government put their money behind Usain Bolt to make him good. And now, when you hear Usain Bolt, you hear Jamaica. And we have many athletes who have that level of talent, and we have to find a way. “

“I am going to bring it forward to the government and, if they don’t support me I will tell the people they didn’t support me to help those athletes, take care of them and give them the professional development that they need----- spend some money on them because we see the talent,” the Minister said.

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