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VI Classic Race on Sunday


On Sunday 17 January there will be excitement at the Ellis Thomas Downs as the BVI Horse Owners Association stages an event titled the VI Classic race.

Newly appointed President of the Horse Owners Association Mrs. Patsy Lake during her appearance on JTV’s Sports Desk said that this weekend’s event will be a family centered affair:

  “We are planning to change the format of the races to make it more of a family outing rather than just going to the track to have something to eat or drink,” Mrs. Lake said as she announced the plans to make the VI Classix Race grand.

It was announced that not only would the prizes be exciting, but the fact that the neighbouring islands of St Croix and St Thomas will be participating makes it even more exciting. 

The Association President disclosed that the feature race has been moved to an earlier time to allow for earlier start of the day’s activities. “The vendors are going to have tasty food and drinks and you need to have your lunch there at the track,” she said.

Race five which is slated to take place at 3:30pm will be the feature race of the day with a prize of $20,000. Race six is the co-feature race with a purse of $10,000 and is schedule to take place at 4:15. The seventh race takes place at 5:p.m, and has a $7,000 prize.

The entry fee is $15.00, but Mrs. Lake is asking persons to walk with $20.00 and put the five dollars towards a raffle of a big screen television, and a token for horseowners who did not win.  She explained that the token for the horseowners will assist them in the purchasing of medicine and feed. “Everyone puts time and energy into the sport, but remember the prizes are only for first, second and third.”

“I am trying to make horseracing with a difference, a family outing more than just going there to see the horses run so that children ten years and under are going to have free entry. No longer will be charging children ten years and under, but they must be accompanied by an adult,” Mrs. Lake said as she announced another change to the event.

“In between races we are going to have a competition for fathers and their sons. The best dressed will receive a cash prize...The same is going to apply to the mothers and daughters--the best dressed mother and daughter will receive a $200 prize,” The Association President announced.

  • Source: BVIHotpress.com

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