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A Lot Of Pressure From UK; We Had To Pray For Our Premier- Walwyn

Hon. Myron V. Walwyn said that the United Kingdom (UK) is placing a lot of pressure on the BVI when it comes to the financial services industry so much so that government members held hands to pray for the Premier. 

"I am concerned about these Virgin Islands and you will see a lot more of things coming down. Our Premier is trying his best. I remember one day we came into Caucus you could have seen the pressure on his face trying to deal with this thing this was a long dance. So much pressure," he said on Friday, May 12 in the House of Assembly. 

"Hon. Delores Christopher said we need to have a prayer; we held hands in that Cabinet room as a Caucus and prayed for the Premier because we know the pressure he was under dealing with this matter. And you are going to have a lot more of this coming forward…"

He said that the BVI could only dance for so long, "and how much do you give up while you dance."

Walwyn said that it is time that they start to look collectively at what is in the best interest of the Virgin Islands and the people of the Virgin Islands.

"And stop dancing to the tune of everybody outside who play music that we can't dance to. Our rhythm is a different rhythm."

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