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Ms. P Is Back-I Move When I'm Called 

Eileen Parsons known as Ms. P returned to the National Democratic Party (NDP) radio programme last evening in full support of the team, months after a letter was leaked where she was bashing the party. 

She had also issued a call in the letter for Hon. Ronnie Skelton, Health Minister to be given the portfolio of Minister of Finance, suggesting that it be removed from Premier and party leader Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith.

During the programme, Hon. Myron V. Walwyn, At Large Representative commented, "Ms. P I must say I am very pleased to see you are back here hosting NDP radio. You were taking a little break up Manchester cooling out."

However, Parsons replied,  "I move when I am called."

She encouraged persons to tune into the programme and let the ministers know their concerns, citing that she is aware that residents are frustrated.

"Say whatever you have to say I know you have been frustrated but give it to us little by little. Your questions, and we will be able to answer."

Parsons however, said that only when NDP took office actions on many matters started to be taken.

"Dr. Smith it doesn’t seem to you or is it only to me that everything stops and come alive when we get back in? We seem to be inheriting all the problems in this country. It's good that we are able to over come them."

"Road works, dock on Virgin Gorda had been deteriorating from the time I was born, now Bertie fixing it."

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