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Governor Wants To Take Us Back, But We Must Fight Against It- Turnbull

Second District Representative, Hon. Melvin Turnbull has alleged that Governor, John Duncan is attempting to set the BVI back to many years ago, with his action forcing the Government to allocate more monies to the police force by invoking a section of the Constitution.

Turnbull urged the people of the BVI to not allow this to happen and told them that they must stand together and fight against it.

"We must do everything in our power to ensure we fight; ensure we grind our teeth, ensure that we put our heads together," he said publicly in the House of Assembly.

He said that the people did not elect the Governor.

"Everybody wants to be seem like they are involved in running this country, but I stand here not recollecting anytime the people of the Virgin Islands elected the Governor to represent us," he said.

Turnbull said, "I would not take it lightly for anyone using what was done for political points, because it is far more reaching than local politics. It is far reaching to the point that it is seeming to pave the way for a host of things that we cannot afford."

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