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Respect My Opinion-Caines 

Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines, Sixth District Representative and government member publicly asked for persons to respect her opinion even if it may not be pleasing to some. 

“At the end of the day, I would have said and done what I felt in my spirit and in my heart. It may not please everyone and that's ok by me,” she said on social media. 

The government backbencher added, “Just respect my opinion as I would respect yours. Constructive criticisms are welcome…I don't much listen to or accept negativity. It draws every inch of positive vibe from your body.”

Caines made headline when she made a surprise move on February 23rd, calling for government to hold off on the TB Lettsome International Airport expansion project. 

In the House of Assembly, she said that the government couldn’t afford a project of this magnitude at this time.

"I must say that I am not against an airport (expansion); I simply do not think it is feasible at this time. There are too many things in our country that needs to be fixed that I think that need to take priority. Infrastructure, schools in need of much help, our roads are still a mess, sewerage still a mess. Our whole infrastructure needs a facelift," Caines lamented. 

She added, "I repeat, I am not saying we don’t need an airport (expansion), but the time for us to venture into such a great financial constraint that would probably hold us hostage for a number of years."

Gov't Denies Rumors Of Order To Hold Elections In August 

The NDP government has denied claims that the United Kingdom (UK) wants the BVI to hold elections in August or they will intervene because of the poor state of the Territory. 

"Let me address that immediately. There has been something going around on WhatsApp that said some senior person in the British government tell the Governor to tell the Premier of the BVI must call elections in August or else they will have to intervene. Let me just say right now that is absolute rubbish," Premier Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith said last evening during the NDP radio programme. 

"There is no such thing. This government of this country is progressing well. So this country is doing well under the hands of the NDP government and I think if any rescuing is needed, it was done when we came in 2011."

He said that there are some persons who want to make his government look bad.

"There have been others who would like to see the government now in office, not do well, or not even continue in office, so they have been making many accusations and many statements to try to sort of cause people to lose confidence in the government."

"And this is just another one of those examples. I wouldn't go into point fingers, who the cap fits wear it. We will continue to do the work that we have been elected to do so that the Territory can continue to do well."

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