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Governor Wants To Take Us Back, But We Must Fight Against It- Turnbull

Second District Representative, Hon. Melvin Turnbull has alleged that Governor, John Duncan is attempting to set the BVI back to many years ago, with his action forcing the Government to allocate more monies to the police force by invoking a section of the Constitution.

Turnbull urged the people of the BVI to not allow this to happen and told them that they must stand together and fight against it.

"We must do everything in our power to ensure we fight; ensure we grind our teeth, ensure that we put our heads together," he said publicly in the House of Assembly.

He said that the people did not elect the Governor.

"Everybody wants to be seem like they are involved in running this country, but I stand here not recollecting anytime the people of the Virgin Islands elected the Governor to represent us," he said.

Turnbull said, "I would not take it lightly for anyone using what was done for political points, because it is far more reaching than local politics. It is far reaching to the point that it is seeming to pave the way for a host of things that we cannot afford."

He Is Not Going To Get Away With It-Fahie On Walwyn 

Opposition Leader, Hon. Andrew Fahie said that he will not sit down and allow Education Minister, Hon. Myron Walwyn to cast aspersions without facts. 

"I will not let them case aspersions on my character because that is what he is trying to do because of the current atmosphere of politics in the territory. Not going to get away with that," Fahie said in the House of Assembly yesterday, March 21st.

He was responding to comments made by Hon. Walwyn that Hon. Fahie was advised by a board when he was Education Minister under VIP government to not bring in a consultant for the Medical Schools initiative. 

Walwyn claimed that now he (Walwyn) have been able to bring the initiative to this level without spending a penny, just by ensuring that the legislation is in place and a board. 

"I came in as minister and I am proud to say that this legislation came to this House without spending one penny of the government's money but I came into the ministry, the matter of medical school and the whole issue was on the table. I met with the committee that was in place and asked them what is this whole story about medical school, offshore school," Walwyn said.

He claimed that, "members of the committee said that we had given our advise already about what is being done now by the former minister, is unnecessary and should not be done because all you need to do is to put the legislation together."

He mentioned the over $600,000 he said was spent on the consultancy with the company Effect Inc. 

"It was for something I did for free, for something that could have been done for free. I want people to look into to see who is Effect Inc because there is more in the water. I am asking the PAC to look into this matter, because it’s a very troubling matter, but how can you justify?"

However, Hon. Fahie challenged the minister. 

"I know where the minister is going and want to cast aspersions on my character as the former minister but this is the first I am hearing this. I had a board in place that concluded that and didn’t bring it to me; well I must have been fast asleep. I understand what the minister is doing and I understand the politic side of it."

Fahie further said, "it went through the tendering process…but there is a reason why we didn’t go in this direction, but if the minister wants to challenge me, I know the nature of the minister, he wants to make it look like Fahie spend $500,000 on nothing."

Fahie stated, "so I just want to tell the minister if that existed it never came to me as minister, the board that was in never told me that, that is intentionally misleading the people."

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