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UK Citizens Hold Key BVI Positions -Hon. Fraser Uncomfortable

Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser is painting a picture about the recent appointments of United Kingdom citizens to key public service positions. His concerns were listed in relations to the recent appointment of Phil Sharman as the next Auditor General of the British Virgin Islands.

In response to the announcement Hon. Fraser questioned why a suitably qualified Virgin Islander was not chosen for the post. “After spending millions of dollars educating Virgin Islanders, and having so many Virgin Islanders unemployed and underemployed. The governor couldn't find a Virgin Islander qualified to be appointed Auditor General,” Hon. Fraser asked.

The Opposition member noted that the choice for the position is a bad reflection on Governor John Duncan, Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith and the Public Service Commission: “. Shame on you Governor. The public service commission couldn't find a Virgin Islander qualified to be Auditor General? Shame on you Public Service Commission. The Premier couldn't find a Virgin Islander qualified to be auditor general?  Shame on you Premier.”

In a press release issued on 18th May it was announced that Mr. Sharman’s appointment which will take effect from August 2017 was made by His Excellency the Governor, Mr. John S. Duncan, OBE, under section 92(1) and 92(4) of the Virgin Islands Constitution, in accordance with the advice of the Public Service Commission; and after consultation with the Premier.

In further highlighting his uneasiness about the appointment, Hon. Fraser said: “For what reason will the Governor be having a U.K. National as Superintendent of Prisons: a U.K. National as Commissioner of Police: a U.K. National as Director of Public Prosecution: and a U.K. National as Auditor General?”

“All the vital arms of law enforcement and investigation are in the hands and direct control of U.K. Nationals, Answerable only to the Governor, who himself is a U.K. National. SOMETHING DOESEN'T SMELL RIGHT. Remember the Governor now has his own personal preference for Leader of the Opposition who is also Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. If our Premier is asleep, someone close to him had better wake him up because I see a Governor who is up to something. Don't take my word for it.” the Opposition member added.

Being A Politician Can Be A Thankless Job-Vanterpool Laments

Hon. Mark H. Vanterpool, Minister for Communications and Works and Fourth District Representative said that as a politician you are easily criticized and often not thanked for what you have done. He said fire officers also face this issue. 

"As an Elected Representative of the people and as Fire Officers, we have similarly pledged to serve the public, without favouritism. We will continually be in the public’s eye, we will be scrutinized and we will be criticized," he told fire officers. 

"We cannot hide, nor do we really want to hide from the public we serve, as we know that no matter what we wear or where we go, we will always be Honourable Mark Vanterpool or Officers of the Virgin Islands Fire and Rescue Services Department."

He said that, many times, you will find that the good you do is not appreciated, but you will have to forge ahead nonetheless. 

"It can be a thankless job, but this is what you have committed to do and I commend you for getting involved in this way."

The minister said, "What would we do without Fire Officers? Who would put out the random fires that occur, whether they be bush fires, vehicular or boat fires or fires that threaten to destroy our homes and businesses? Who would help to extricate accident victims?"

He indicated, "So, your job is extremely important and valuable and I want to let you know that you are appreciated."

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