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Peebles Hospital Records Client Increase


Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton has reported that the Peebles Hospital has recorded an increase in patient numbers.

Hon. Skelton made the announcement in a statement to the House of Assembly on February 12. In his statement, the Minister said: “The investment made in the Territory’s healthcare system is already beginning to reap benefits, Madame Speaker. The confidence in our Health Services has greatly increased as demonstrated by the significant upsurge in the number of persons accessing healthcare at our facilities.”

In fact, the Minister stated that the Health Service Authority had to make a decision to take steps to provide additional the accommodation that was needed to provide service to all of the clients. Hon. Skelton told the House: “So much so, Madame Speaker, that we will now have to open beds on the fifth floor of the new hospital sooner than we had anticipated.”

In December, the Minister announced that persons from neighbouring Caribbean islands were traveling to the BVI to access service. However, in his statement this month he did not state whether the increase he referred to was in relations to these overseas clients.

In his announcement last year about the increase of overseas clients, Hon. Skelton said: “We have already been attracting quite a number of patients from Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis, and other Caribbean islands who now have access to HIMA specialists without the extra inconvenience; and expense of acquiring a US visa. This is happening even before we’ve had the chance to embark on a targeted medical tourism marketing campaign.”

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Repairs Complete on Ambulance Boat

The ambulance boat that was procured to transport persons from the sister islands and cays will be back in operation Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton announced this week.

During the NDP Radio Program on November 3, the Minister stated that the vessel which was purchased during the previous NDP Administration is outfitted, and able to transfer patients on stretchers.

Previously it was announced that the boat needed to be repaired and the Minister disclosed on Monday that he was recently informed that the repairs were completed. Now, Hon. Skelton stated the ambulance will be assigned to the Virgin Gorda Fire Service.

Nonetheless, the Minister said that he would have preferred air transfer for those needing to travel to Tortola for medical attention: “My ideal situation is to get a helicopter service that, if you need a quick response time to get people from Virgin Gorda, Anegada or Jost Van Dyke to Tortola; that would be done through some form of air transportation,” Hon. Skelton mentioned.

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