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It Will Haunt Us If We Do Not Have A NHI System-Minister Skelton


"It will haunt our collective conscience to know that many of our people suffered and died because of their inability to access care timely and pay for the healthcare that they need," said Hon. Ronnie Skelton, Minister of Health and Social Development.

He was speaking today during the debate of the Social Security Amendment Act of 2013 which will facilitate the implementation of a National Health Insurance (NHI) system.

Minister Skelton expressed that majority of residents understand the purpose of NHI and they also appreciate that it is to healthcare what social security is to their retirement.

The Health Minister believes that residents will no longer have to depend on politicians for money to help with their medical needs.

"They will no longer will they be at the mercy of their elected representatives or the Government to give them a few thousand dollars here and a few thousand dollars there to assist them with providing a quality healthcare to improve the quality of their lives or save their life," he told the House.

The bill is to introduce a National Health Insurance system for persons who are legally resident in the Territory. According to the bill, through the legislation, all eligible persons shall have equal access to quality healthcare at a cost that is not prohibitive.

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Sandy Lane Center To Soon Cater For Mentally Ill Who Are Abusing Drugs

This year works are expected to be done on the Sandy Lane Center in an effort to convert it into a facility which will also help those mentally challenged persons who are on drugs.

Hon. Ronnie Skelton, Minister for Health and Social Development said they have placed monies in the budget to facilitate this new move.

"What we are trying to do with the Sandy Lane Center is to convert it into some kind of facility that will also help those who are mentally challenged. We have a problem where the mentally challenged are using drugs and we build the Sandy Lane Center for drug rehab. So we have a problem on our hand."

The Minister further added, "the mentally challenged are using drugs and they are out on the streets and God forbid that something happens. So we are trying to redesign the Sandy Lane Center to see if it is possible for us to look after the mentally challenged who are also using drugs."

Minister Skelton said however, they cannot do it until the Mental Health Act is amended.

"I think the Mental Health Act we have amended and we are moving along those lines to see if we can get help for those mental health patients and those who also need just a little help," the Health Minister stated.

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