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We Are Enabling Alternative Career Options-Education Minister

In recent years the BVI has sought to reestablish the importance of vocational and trade careers, by opening the first true technical high school, the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies, according to Minister for Education Hon. Myron V. Walwyn. 

"To provide young persons with alternative careers options, while obtaining an equitable secondary school education. For all the business persons and private individuals, we remind you that services at campus are available and the students are ready to receive your business," he recently said. 

Also, the minister who is also responsible for culture said that, over the past six years we have undergone a transformation in our identity as Virgin Islanders, now having their very own Territorial song that embodies the hard work and aspirations of their ancestors, identification of important marks of their culture such as our signs, symbols and national dress. 

"All in an effort so that our people, particularly our young people can have confidence as they go out into the world with knowledge of their roots and pride in our identity as Virgin Islanders," Minister Walwyn said.

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