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What ESHS Auditorium Will Look Like 

Yesterday, April 19th, the proposed drawing of a massive building to house the gymnasium, cafeteria and auditorium at the Elmore Stoutt High School was released to the public. 

Hon. Myron V. Walwyn, Minister of Education posted the drawing on social media to gain feedback from the public. 

"The building will also house the teachers' staff room on the top floor. We intend to place this building where the current staff room is, that way both the senior students and junior students would have access to it without the co-mingling," Minister Walwyn said. 

He said it will be built soon. 

"It looks real nice indeed. Looks like it's ready for the 21st century. I would just add some solar panels to the roof and try to make it more eco-friendly aligned with some green space where the students can learn to cultivate their own community garden. Grow local," a resident expressed." 

Another said,"Stop building on Elmore Stoutt, it's overwhelmed. Look for a new site and build another School. Renovations will do at the present. Not another piece to the overstuffed jigsaw puzzle."

The resident added, This is nice and all but think about our current situation, we need to improve what we have before we can spend $, $$$, $$$.00 for something we know we are not ready for, Just like the Sixth form conundrum. Education Minister we not moving in the right direction."

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