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Walwyn To Be Grilled On Extra School Year Accommodation

Education Minister, Hon. Myron V. Walwyn will be grilled about the accommodation for the additional school year next week in the House of Assembly.

Hon. Andrew Fahie, Opposition Leader said that as more classrooms are needed at the Bregado Flax Educational Secondary Division due to the implementation of the extra school year, would the Minister state how many buildings are projected to be constructed? and The construction cost of the entire project and explain in details how the development of this project satisfied the tenets of the Protocols for Effective Financial Management.

Also, the construction cost of each building? And if the project will be tendered.

He will asked, as construction of two buildings to house classrooms at the Elmore Stoutt High School campus has already commenced, would the Minister state for each building: the number of petty contracts issued, the description of works, amounts, contractor/vendor, and dates?; the number of Purchase Orders issued, the description of works, amounts, contractor/vendor and dates? and If all persons, vendors, companies, contractors, have completed their assigned work and have been paid and if not why not.

Fahie will ask Minister Walwyn, to provide details of contractors, work orders, and purchase orders currently outstanding and the process used to select contractors, vendors and materials for each building.

"The total cost to date expended on each building? The total cost left to complete each building."

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