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Hold One Festival In RT- Culture Minister Told

Myron Myron

Residents have suggested to Minister of Culture Hon. Myron V. Walwyn for the Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs committee to hold one festival activity, and not in three areas as it stands now.

"Let us hold 1 festival in Road Town, share the booths- 6 for East End, 6 for Brewers Bay, 6 for Carrot Bay and the rest split them up. All night activities will be held in Road Town, East End jouvert will remain the same time on Wednesday take it to Beef Island Long Bay Beach right after boat race can take place there," residents told the minister.

It was further suggested that, Carrot Bay cultural day should remain the same on Friday along with fishing tournament.

"Brewers Bay day should be Thursday. Hold 1 jouvert in town Tuesday morning, then horse race, the main parade will remain on Monday in Road Town."

The resident added, "The entertainment that we use to have East End, Carrot Bay, Brewers Bay and Road Town will now come as one in Road Town which will make a full 8 to 10 nights of high end entertainment."

"Bring the queen show back into the village.make all nights free into the village this allow family units to fully part take in all the events generating more income for the booth owners. This will bring unity back in our country and cut out the division we now have as it relates to festival."


  • Source: BVIHotpress.com

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