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Heritage Village, Medicinal Garden and Building for VI History Program

The Virgin Islands History program that is hosted at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College will soon be improved thanks to a collaborative venture between the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College and the Lions Club.

The initiative was announced at a gala that was held at the Moorings Mariner Inn on 28th April. In sharing the news HLSCC’s President Dr. Janet Smith explained that the undertaking is a joint venture between HLSCC and the Lions club.

Dr. Smith briefly highlighted the history of the Virgin Islands history program and reminded the audience of the gala that program was the brainchild of Chairman of the College Dr. Charles Wheatley, OBE.

In noting that the initiative has grown since its inception in 1998, Dr. Smith said that the Virgin Islands Studies Institute has collected thousands of delicate artifacts and treasured historic Virgin Island documents that should be on display.

The collaboration would see the establishment of a purpose-built facility that will provide classroom and consultation spaces, offices, facilitate genealogical research, and will house a small dedicated library and temperature-controlled display room for artifacts.

It was noted that renowned artistes and former Speaker of the House of Assembly Mr. Rueben Vanterpool will be assisting with the construction of a “heritage village” that will be located next to Virgin Islands Studies Institute.

The Village being constructed by Mr. Vanterpool will include a reconstructed animal round; a functional boiling house being constructed under the direction of Mr. Rueben Vanterpool; a traditional thatch-roofed house; a coal pit; an out-house; a traditional well and a working stone/brick oven.

The facility will also feature a garden containing medicinal plants and crops that were once vital to the Virgin Islands economy and people.

Hold One Festival In RT- Culture Minister Told

Residents have suggested to Minister of Culture Hon. Myron V. Walwyn for the Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs committee to hold one festival activity, and not in three areas as it stands now.

"Let us hold 1 festival in Road Town, share the booths- 6 for East End, 6 for Brewers Bay, 6 for Carrot Bay and the rest split them up. All night activities will be held in Road Town, East End jouvert will remain the same time on Wednesday take it to Beef Island Long Bay Beach right after boat race can take place there," residents told the minister.

It was further suggested that, Carrot Bay cultural day should remain the same on Friday along with fishing tournament.

"Brewers Bay day should be Thursday. Hold 1 jouvert in town Tuesday morning, then horse race, the main parade will remain on Monday in Road Town."

The resident added, "The entertainment that we use to have East End, Carrot Bay, Brewers Bay and Road Town will now come as one in Road Town which will make a full 8 to 10 nights of high end entertainment."

"Bring the queen show back into the village.make all nights free into the village this allow family units to fully part take in all the events generating more income for the booth owners. This will bring unity back in our country and cut out the division we now have as it relates to festival."


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