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Roger Williams to Stand Trial For Fatal Tour Bus Accident

On Monday June 5th a nine member jury will be selected to sit on the trial involving deadly accident in Cane Garden Bay in December 2015.

Roger Williams has been charged with two counts of manslaughter. He was the driver of the tour bus transporting the cruise passengers.

According to police records, two American female visitors, who were aboard the tour bus, died as a result of injuries sustained in the December 6 collision, while four others were detained for treatment at Peebles Hospital.

Police stated that, in the lone vehicle collision, the tour bus, with 20 cruise passengers, was descending the Cane Garden Bay hill when it collided with the hillside embankment.

Williams’s lawyer is Mr. Richard Rowe.

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Three Charged With Theft

Police have charged three young persons in connection with theft and attempted theft in separation incidents. 

On the 25th May, police arrested and charged Trumayne Daway, 25, of Huntums Ghut for Attempted Theft.

Then, they charged two teens for theft on the 22 May. 

Police arrested and charged a 16-year-old male of Cane Garden Bay for Theft; and and hour later, Police arrested and charged 16-year-old male of Horsepath on Theft. 

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