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Two Females Charged For Malicious Wounding 

Police arrested and charged two women for malicious wounding. 

Jelissa Malone of Baughers Bay was arrested and charged for Unlawful and Malicious Wounding. 

She was granted station bail to appear at the Magistrate’s Court, John’s Hole on 23/6/2017.

Also, Melicia Bodkin of Huntums Ghut was arrested and charged for Unlawful and Malicious Wounding.  

Bodkin was bailed to appear at John’s Hole Magistrate’s Court on 23/6/2017.

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Former Bank Employee Jailed For Attempted Murder

Mathew Hazel was yesterday afternoon, May 15 sentenced to imprisonment over the attempted robbery and murder at a bank.

He was sentenced to 9 years for attempted murder, 4 years for attempted robbery, 6 years for unlawful possession of a firearm and he was reprimanded and discharge for unlawful possession of ammunition.

Hazel, 25, was charged and tried in relation to the attempted robbery at CIBC First Caribbean Bank and for shooting at a police officer in February 2015.

He was found unanimously guilty by a nine member jury.

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