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$100,000 Reward for Info on Ashy’s Killer/s

A total of $100,000 is being pledged to secure the killer of 30-year-old Ashburn Dawson who was gunned down in March this year.

Ashburn who was also known as “Ashy” was struck by the fatal bullet while he was riding his scooter in the vicinity of the Sunday Morning Well. The young man’s death is still being investigated and on Monday it was announced that the National Security Council and the family of deceased contributed to the reward for information.

It was announced that the National Security Council approved a sum of $95,000 for information that will lead to the arrest and successful prosecution of the individual or individuals responsible for the murder of Ashburn Dawson.

This sum adds to the $5,000 reward the family had announced in June of this year. The Police Information Office pointed out this combined amount brings the total to a hefty $100,000 for the person who provides the information that leads to the apprehension and successful prosecution of the offender.

The Police further explained that the reward will be paid only for substantial, provable information.  In fact, it was stated that officers of the Major Crime Team are conducting the murder investigation, and will evaluate the information provided by persons to determine if its value warrants the payment of all or a percentage of the $100,000.

“The information provided should support existing and ongoing inquiries by the team. A portion of the reward may be given for information which advances the investigation to the next level. The ultimate decision on payment will rest with the Commissioner of Police,” the police said.

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