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This Is Not TV – Commissioner Says Crime Not Solved in 24 Hrs

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews  suggested that police crime television shows where cases are solved within a short period of time has given residents of the BVI an unrealistic idea of the investigation process; and often results in unwarranted criticisms of the RVIPF.

Mr. Matthews made these comments as he saluted the officers of the Major Crime Team who recently charged Shakeel Ryan and Shakilla Hanley with the murders of David Springette and Shawn Richards.

The Commissioner in noting the unrealistic impression of the crime solving process that some residents have said: “It is very difficult to resist the temptation to response and defend the Force when those in the community give commentary on its actions or inactions particularly those who see murders solved in the hour span of a prime time TV show.”

“However, compiling the evidence to bring perpetrators of gun crimes in particular murderers to justice takes a lot longer than an hour and requires a great deal more effort. Very few appreciate or understand the difference. In these types of investigations, unfortunately, the least said, the better for us,” he added.

Nonetheless, Commissioner Morris said that he is grateful for the painstaking, dedicated teamwork that went into making the recent arrests. “I am very proud of the work of the officers of the Major Crime Team in these cases. I personally get to see their drive and dedication in all the cases.”

Ryan a 22-year-old national of St. Kitts and 29-year-old Hanley both reside at Long Look  and were charged for the murders of Springette and Richards. They were also charged with a separate count of attempted murder in the case of David Springette. Both individuals are in police custody awaiting the next available court date.

Shawn Richards was shot outside his residence in Long Look on the evening of May 6th. He succumbed to his injuries on May 8th. While David Springette was shot outside the Wayside Bar in Fat Hogs Bay on the evening of June 21st. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Springette had survived two earlier attempts made on the life.

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