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Man Convicted of Death of Migrants Deported

Roro Edourre one of the men that was held in connection to a vessel that crashed on Brandywine Bay resulting in the death of eight illegal immigrants in 2010 was ordered deported by Governor John Duncan on 25th July.

EDOURRE who was convicted of the offences of manslaughter and smuggling migrants was described as the Governor as a person whose presence in the Territory is not conducive to the public good. It was stated that His Excellency made his decision after consultation with the Chief Immigration Officer.

Therefore, the Governor Duncan ordered that Edourre be deported from the Territory before the expiration of seven days from the date on which a copy of this Order is served on him by an immigration officer or a police officer, and thereafter he remains out of the Territory.

“I do further order that the said Roro Edourre be placed on board the first available ship or aircraft about to leave the Territory and that the said Roro Edourre may be detained until he is placed on a ship or an aircraft,” His Excellency added.

The Incident

On Sunday December 5th, 2010 a cream-coloured fibre glass boat named ‘Jesus LA’ left the shores of St. Maarten with approximately 35 persons on-board. The destination was St Thomas.

Among the passengers were four children ranging from 12 months to 11 years. The group also included 13 females and 16 males.

The Prosecution announced at one of the early court appearances of the defendant that around 25 minutes past midnight police received information from Customs that they were in pursuit of a boat carrying illegal immigrants heading to Road Town.

Investigations revealed that US Coast Guards spotted the vessel and attempted to stop it, but the vessel increased its speed and crashed into a reef off Brandy Wine Bay. People were thrown overboard.

After the collision, the captain allegedly swam ashore and went to a residence in Baughers Bay. Edourne is believed to have borrowed a phone at that residence and made a call to St. Maarten informing of the incident.

The incident resulted in the death of four children and four adults. The remaining 25 persons were rescued and repatriated to their respective countries.

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