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Machete Wielding Man Reported to Police

The Police Information Office has confirmed that a post that was made on facebook about a “sexual predator” that threatened a woman while wielding a machete was reported.

In a brief disclosure to the media the RVIPF information office said: “Police are following several leads into a case of indecent exposure by a male at the Long Bay Beach on the western end of Tortola yesterday afternoon.”

“The perpetrator reportedly was armed with a machete and threatened a female who was at the beach at the time. Police are seeking any information that could help to identify the perpetrator in this matter,” the police added.

The matter was first mentioned on the public facebook forum BVI Community Board. In that post a resident urged all to take note that a “sexual predator” was lurking. The post said, “BVI community please beware of a sexual predator! A friend of mine was attacked by a large man weilding a machete”

The resident said that during the incident her friend “was threatened of her life several times if she did not do certain sexual things.”

“She asked me to please share this so that ladies and other members of the community may be vigilant! The police have been informed and are dealing with the incident but until the culprit is caught please take heed,” the post added.

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Venezuelans Found with Loaded Gun

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) disclosed that this week three Venezuelan nationals were taken in the custody and a firearm was recovered.

The RVIPF announced that the weapon was seized after a search was executed on an apartment in Cox Heath area on Monday afternoon. It was mentioned that the when the search was carried out the three men were found along a loaded firearm and large quantity of cash.

The search at the apartment in Cox Heath was a multi-agency exercise that was led by the Immigration Department, and also included officers from Her Majesty’s Customs.

Following the search, the three men 37-year-old Jose Rosquel, 38-year-old Jan Arolde Marin, and 38-year-old Andri Lopez Zacarias were charged with keeping an unlicenced firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and several immigration offences.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force announced that inquiries are ongoing in relations to this matter.

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