updated 1:08 PM PDT, Jun 26, 2017
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Gov’t Tried to Hold Auditor General Position

Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith explained that a request was made to hold the Auditor General position previously when it was first noted that there were no suitable candidates applying for the job.

Failing the efforts to seek a local candidate for the Auditor General post the BVI Leader explained that the position had to be filled by a candidate from outside the Territory.

The Premier’s explanation was given during the Private Members business segment of the May 29th House of Assembly sitting in response to concerns that were raised by Opposition Member and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser.

In explaining the attempts to get a Virgin Islander/ Belonger for the post Hon. Smith said: “The case with the position of the Auditor General Madame Speaker, when the position was advertised there was somebody selected by the Selection Committee etc.; but we were not content that that was the person we wanted at that time, and so we asked that the position be held. And that was held for about nine months while we did a search, and encouraged other young people who were qualified in the BVI to get in that position.”

During that sitting Hon. Fraser mentioned his concerns about the fact that certain key public service post were currently being held by United Kingdom nationals and he particularly noted the Auditor General post.

Hon. Fraser insisted that more should have been done to find a Virgin Islander for the job: “Just like you went out and find someone in the United Kingdom or wherever to fill those post you could go somewhere in this world and find a Virgin Islander to fill those post. Like I said in the face of Brexit it is all about nationalism.”

“Millions that have been spent educating our people; for someone to come and tell me today that we can’t find among all the British Virgin Islanders that we have educated, someone whose qualified to be the Auditor General in this territory. I can’t accept it. I refuse to accept it. That should be for every one of us,” Hon. Fraser told the House.

Hazardous Roads- Hotline Now Set Up

The Ministry of Communications and Works has been under harsh criticisms, over the many roads, which are in bad conditions.

However, yesterday, it announced that hotline is now available for residents to report all road hazards to the Public Works Department.

Persons are asked to call 468-6006 to report fallen rocks on the road, damaged guard rails, pot holes, work materials seen on completed job sites and abandoned cones.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works, Mr. Anthony Mc Master said it was important to create a line of communication to get more persons involved in reporting areas of concern that might be harmful. 

This, he added, will help to ensure public safety while providing quality service.

The hazard reporting hotline is expected to be available between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and persons can also call 468-9883 or 468-9882 afterhours. In the event a phone operator is not available, callers can leave messages outlining details of the hazard.

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