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Pest Mosquitoes Worry Minister

The recent flood might have caused the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which causes diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika to be here in the Territory. Therefore, Minister for Health and Social Development  Hon. Ronnie Skelton is admonishing residents to help to prevent an outbreak of vector diseases by riding the Territory of mosquito breeding sites.

Hon. Skelton announced during a statement this week that the recent rain may have increased mosquito breeding, as he said there is a high visibility of mosquitos around: “During a period of heavy rain such as what we have experienced recently, there is a significant increase in mosquito breeding.  Although most of what we are seeing right now is the emergence of “pest mosquitoes” we cannot forget that the vector that transmits Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika could be among the current mosquito population.”

He further mentioned that prevention methods such as fogging are already being employed by the Ministry of Health and Social Development.  “The Environmental Health Division and Department of Waste Management has been mobilised to assist with recovery efforts which include vector control and the removal of bulky waste,” Hon. Skelton said.

The Minister of Health also noted that derelict vehicles and abandon vessels could be mosquito sites, and called on residents to assist in identify and eradicate all areas where mosquitos may breed. “Contributing factors that could lead to mosquito infestation include open unattended water catchments abandoned boats and vehicles; uncovered water containers; and unprotected cisterns throughout the Territory.  These are perfect hiding places and breeding sites for mosquitoes,” the Minister said.

“My fellow residents, we, the people of this Territory by our actions, are contributing to the cause of this problem.  It is our individual and collective responsibility to do our part to reduce mosquito breeding.  No amount of fogging will arrest this challenge as long as we continue to provide safe havens for mosquitoes to hide and thrive,” Hon. Skelton added.

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