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Most things Back to Normal

Although His Excellency the Acting Governor, Mr. Robert Mathavious in consultation with the Premier, Dr. the Honorable D. Orlando Smith and other officials have agreed that Government Offices will open for business today Thursday 10th August, a few private entities will still remain closed.

Heavy rainfalls on 7th August resulted in flood damages to various homes and businesses and as a result many of the clean-up and restoration efforts will continue today. In fact the Public Works Department announced that today Thursday, the Hope Hill road will be closed and only residents in the areas will have access. All other persons are required to use alternate routes.

Similarly the Department advised of a road closure at Johnson's Ghut/ Purcell Estate in the area of Brewley's Superette. The PWD stated that there will be no entry during 9am to 4pm today as the Department carries out urgent road works to the drainage in the area.

Meanwhile, the First Impressions school which is located in the Johnson Ghut area announced that it will be closed. "The school had minimal water inside thankfully. After today's assessment with the clearing of the road, due to the difficult accessibility into Johnson Ghut and our internal road needing to be cleared of rocks and debris as well, we are unable to open school until Monday 14th August,"The school said.

Although most things are expected to return to normal today the DDM still advised that rainfall may occur. The DDM has stated that the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services forecasts indicated that some showers, which could be moderate to locally heavy at times, are possible. These conditions are expected to linger across the area into Friday.

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