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Hon. Fahie: Premier Chose Studio Where He Would Not be Constrained by Truth

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Andrew Fahie accused Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith of avoiding a debate of the No Confidence Motion in the House of Assembly and venturing to give his response outside the House of Assembly.

In a Territorial address on 3rd August Hon. Fahie responded to the Premier’s statement that was broadcasted on radio and television on 1st August. The Leader of the Opposition said: “Instead of debating the Motion in the HOA, the Premier choose the safety of a recording studio where he would not be constrained by the truth.”

“The citizens will not be fooled! Perception management, duplicitous statements and misleading economic statistics cannot buy groceries, cannot take you to the movies and cannot assist you in giving your kids a ride at Coney Island. Let us be real! Let us fix the problems at the top for it is affecting the base. If all 12 members are comfortable with reporting to their constituents that the Ministry and Minister of Finance are performing GREAT then so be it. I cannot fool myself nor will I attempt to fool the people of the Virgin Islands,” Hon. Fahie added.

The Leader of the Opposition explained that he clearly understood the gravity of the Motion that was placed before the members of the House of Assembly. “When any Member of the House of Assembly addresses this House, voters expect that we address the issues truthfully and with total conviction,” Hon. Fahie explained.

Hon. Fahie said that he is not surprised at the outcome and he noted that he expected the matter to be trivialized. Additional Hon. Fahie said that although the Motion failed he remains convinced that it was an opportunity.

He explained: “The entire nation was aware and it was expected that the Minister of Finance would seek to trivialize and personalize the debate in an attempt to distort the seriousness of what the Territory is now faced with.  Notwithstanding, I remain convinced that it gave the opportunity for a moment of reflection! I am aware that one must not only be prepared to merely criticize but must also be prepared to offer solutions. The challenge that we face is that we must establish “where we are”, “where we need to be” and “how best to get there”. Who best to take us there! A Joshua moment!”

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