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VIP President Says Feelings Getting in the Way

President of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Dr. Natalio Wheatley expressed disappointment that Party member and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser did not second the No Confidence Motion that was presented Party Chairman and Opposition Leader Hon. Andrew Fahie.

Dr. Wheatley’s comment was in response to a caller’s suggestion that Hon. Fraser’s response to Party initiatives is because the Third District Representative feels slighted by the fact that the Party removed him as both Chairman and Opposition Leader.

However, the VIP President stated that the removal of Hon. Fraser as head of the Party should not result in overly strong feelings: “The reality is the members of the Party have to decide who is the leader and then persons whether you are selected as leader or not you have to follow along if you’re committed to the principles of the party and the goals of the party,” Dr. Wheatley said.

“Hon. Fahie was elected the leader of the Party and I challenge anybody to show me an opposition leader who is not the leader of the majority party in the opposition. I would challenge anybody to show to me someone who becomes the Premier or the Chief Minister, or the Prime Minister and they are not the leader of the Party that’s just what it is. We might disagree on when it should have happened but the reality is it should happen and it’s already gone now that’s over with. We have to move forward,” he added.

Dr. Wheatley further stated that the personal matter should not be a factor in a territorial issue: "This thing is way bigger than anybody's hurt feelings. Let's take a motion of No Confidence, this has to do with the performance of the government; so you can't let your personal feelings influence how you do your job for the people. doing your job as a representative of the people is bigger than your little hurt feelings. The House of Assembly is a part of the job, so not showing up to the House of Assembly that's not doing your job. His personal feelings is right now affecting his job, the job that he is doing for the people,"he said.


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