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Will Hon. Fraser Second the Motion

On the Order paper of today’s House of Assembly sitting is the heavily discussed Motion of No Confidence that Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Andrew Fahie is expected to move with the hopes of having the Minister for Finance switched. However, as the time counts down for Hon. Fahie to rise to his feet, and present the motion one question is being asked, “who will second it?”

The question of the seconding of the No Confidence Motion was raised and explored during the 29th July 3D program, during which Host Doug Wheatley and his callers noted that Third District Hon. Julian Fraser is the only other Opposition Member in the House of Assembly and therefore is the logical option for the seconding.

However, based on mentions by members of the Virgin Islands Party during the “VIP Moving Forward” program all is not well and rosy with Hon. Fraser and the rest of the members. In fact during the 20th July program Opposition Leader Hon. Fahie disclosed that Hon. Fraser has not attended the various VIP events and has not attempted to mend whatever has been broken between him and the VIP.

The fact that Hon. Fraser and the other members of the Opposition Virgin Islands Party are not on strong footing did not seem to escape the mind of the callers and the host during the 3D program as they opined that perhaps a member of the Government may second the Motion.

Mr. Wheatley explained that if the Motion is not seconded it will not move forward. Therefore he speculated that members of the Government might second the Motion and use the debate to rally their support around Premier and current Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith before voting against the resolution.

In the days before today’s sitting the Opposition Leader explained that the Motion of No Confidence is a response to the Territory’s “dire financial status, struggling economy, lack of accountability, lack of transparency and lack of good governance.”

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