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Over $9000 Fine for Man Nabbed by Super Cop

Julio Adams, a resident of Purcell Estate who racked up $9,320 in traffic fines will have to pay up or go to prison. The police announced that Adams compounded the amount over a two month period and will now suffer the consequences.

In a press release issued on 26th July the Police Information Office explained that the traffic offences levied against Adams are 10 charges of exceeding the tint limit, driving an unlicensed vehicle and driving an uninsured vehicle.

The arrest of Adams was done by Traffic Officer Constable Glen Callwood who announced that the man repeatedly committed the offences: “In November of last year, I stopped his vehicle and reported him for exceeding the tint limit stipulated by law. He was seen again in early December in the same vehicle with the same tint and reported. And then again in late December of 2016. The fine for each window that is overly tinted is $750. He was also charged with driving an unlicenced and uninsured vehicle,” Officer Callwood explained.

Dariel Robinson, Head of the Road Policing Unit Inspector explained that heavily tinted vehicles are often used to conceal identity: “Heavily tinted vehicles are generally used by those who want to hide their identity as well as illegal weapons or goods. Citizens who want safer communities can choose to be seen as distinct and separate from the criminal element, and at the same time can take a strong stance against criminality, by abiding by the law,” he said

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force has warned vehicle owners that while the risk to driving a vehicle with tint exceeding that stipulated in the law may seem small, the penalties are high.

Front windows should have a reading of no less than 35% light penetration while the front windshield should have no tint at all. Back windows should have a reading of no less than 20%. Store-bought tints combined with factory tints will likely exceed the tint requirements stipulated by law.

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