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VIBE to Release INFLUENCE at EPIC Blackout Party

Fashion, fun, and “influential” music is the undertone of the massive album release party that three-time Road March Champion Virgin Islands Based Entertainment (VIBE) is throwing on Saturday.

Raul Sprauve aka Jougo, a founding member of VIBE said that the Band worked hard on their new album “Influence”, and still reserved energy to throw what is already being dubbed their most epic event.

The much talked about party is the alluring All-Black release that will be taking place at the U.P’s Cineplex Ballroom on 15th July. The party, which is being highly promoted, is not only the official presentation of the 11-track multi-genre “Influence” album, but also one of the most massive parties VIBE has organized in its brief history.

In an interview with BVI Hotpress Mr. Sprauve said: “This is our fourth VIBE CD release party, this event will be an epic event as we think it’s some of our greatest work, album wise. We are very proud of the product that we came up with, and we are sure that the fans, followers and supporters will love the work.”

He also announced that professionalism is the focus of this year’s album release party and further mentioned that the Band is planning to maximize the fun by ensuring that the event starts on time. “The night promises to be spectacular, we just want people to come out and enjoy.”

The All-Black theme conjures elegance and Mr. Sprauve explained that this is all part of VIBE’s effort to thrill its fans: “It’s an All-Black party that we just want people to come out to with their friends, significant others etc., and just have fun,” Sprauve said.

Entertainment will be provided by VIBE, Rock City, Killa Tooma, DJ Taz, Ah Milli Sounds, and VIBE girls.

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