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Flights Diverted-Leaked Fumes Force Closure of Antigua Airport

A number of passengers en route to the British Virgin Islands often travel via flights that land in Antigua. Therefore it is possible that some passengers bound for the BVI were affected yesterday 6th July when the V C Bird International Airport closed suddenly.

According to reports the airport closed around 12 noon in swift response to leakage of fumes. It was explained that fumigation was being carried out inside the old terminal building. The fumes is said to have travelled through the elevator shaft; and the tunnels for the cables ending up inside of the control tower.

However efforts were made to extract the fumes, and it is not clear if BVI bound passengers were inconvenienced when several flights were forced to head to alternate airports.

The fume leakage resulted in the evacuation of staff while the air was pumped; and the diversion of regional and international flights. A few of LIAT’s flights were affected; as well as flights from Virgin Atlantic and British Airways flights that originated from the United Kingdom.

Additionally two American Airlines Flights from Miami and JFK airports were also diverted. The airport noted that during the closure the flights were sent to St Kitts, and San Juan.

The V C Bird International Airport did not mention how the closure affected the passengers.

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