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CIL Derby Blends Family, Fun and Charity

Caribbean Insurers Limited (CIL) announced that they are turning up the fun at this year’s Soap Box Derby, which is expected to be bigger and better with more fun and prizes.

The 2017 fun car race will be held at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Grounds on 9th July from 11am; and CIL is announcing that a number of children are excitedly waiting to race there gravity-powered vehicles.

CIL Director Simone Montsanto explained that the event is organized annually to be a family affair and to promote bonding between parents/guardians and children: “The soap box is a wooden built card that run by gravitation. It’s a sport for parents to spend time with their Kids. In other words the event is for family togetherness, spending time with the kids, parents and grandkids creating a happier BVI.” she said.

In addition to notable prizes and giveaways the derby will feature entertainment such as a bouncy castle, face painting, a kiddie swimming pool, dunking tank, and RC racing.

Most exciting about the dunking tank is the fact that Miss BVI Erica Creque and Miss World Kadia Turnbull will be the ones being dunked; and money raised on the dunking of the queens will go towards Kadia Depression Foundation.

The event is charity driven, and it was mentioned that the BVI Motor Sports Association will be having a food van at the event; while the small entrance fee of $2.00 for children and $5.00 Adults will go towards the Cancer Foundation and the HIV foundation.

Additionally it was announced that Morgan White Group, a CIL partner is will be funding a fountain for The Children with Special Needs to use for their water Therapy. The company also bought a Soap Box for the children with special needs.

The primary schools will also be participating thanks to the kindness of Burkes Garage Ltd, Al’s Marine, VP Bank, Caribbean Cellars, VI Motors and the Honorable Archie Christian who each bought a soap box for a school.

Other event sponsors are Tortola concrete, STO enterprises. National Bank of the Virgin Islands, CCT, RTW, Top Priority, Rufred Forbes and associates.

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