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Former BVI Beauty Queen Participates in Miss Universe Reunion

Miss Universe British Virgin Islands 1992, Mrs. Alicia Green had a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the contestants from many countries that she shared the pageant stage with many years ago; as the women gathered for a special reunion.

Mrs. Green and 15 other contestants gathered in Spain from June 3rd to June 7th and reminisced on an experience that changed their lives and fused them to a global sisterhood.

This reunion was three years in the making; and gathered the Queens who represented: Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Chez Republic, El Salvador, Curacao, Great Britain, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Ireland, Namibia, Netherland, Norway, Panama, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and Uruguay.

One of the Top five finalists of the 1992 pageant Vivian Jensen who represented the Netherlands explained that she went on a search to find the various country representatives that made her participation in the Miss Universe Pageant memorable.

“I had been looking for these women for 8 years and it took years on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the help from some pageant fans. There is no one else that understands what it means to be in a competition and experience a Miss Universe show other than your pageant sisters. I really wanted to see and talk to them again and hear in real life what their journey in life was like,” Jensen said in an interview with Miss Universe.

Meanwhile Miss BVI 1992 explained that meeting the ladies after so many years was a very emotional experience she also noted that no such event has been done in the history of Miss Universe. Mrs. Green told The Island Sun newspaper: “Who would have thought that I would gain to see these great women ever again and get to build such as prestigious network of friends.   They are politicians, philanthropists, notable designers, engineers, high profiled interior decorators, motivational speakers, directors of corporations in both tourism and finance and the list goes on.  Making an impact globally.”

The former Miss BVI also said that this is just example of how the experience gained from pageantry changes a young woman’s life and earns her lifelong friends. She said she continues to admonish young women to enter pageants “as they chart opportunities unknown.”

“We have now reconnected with the incredible use of technology, which we didn't have 25 years ago; and have built such a sisterhood. We continue to strive and learn from each other.  I'm glad I decided to participate in this historic event.  As a BVI ambassador, it was an opportunity to promote BVI and I do it proudly.  It was experience and memory that is imprinted forever,” Mrs. Green said.

The Miss Universe pageant that was held in 1992 was the 41st staging of the illustrious event. The grand crowning was held on 8th May, 1992 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

That year 78 contestants competed including the British Virgin Islands; and in the end Miss Namibia was declared the winner.


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