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Hon. Fahie Renews Call for Accountability Legislations

During his Territory Day address Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Andrew Fahie renewed his call bills such as Freedom of Information Legislation; Conflict of interest legislation; campaign finance legislation; and whistle blowing Legislation.

Hon. Fahie while speaking at the 30th June ceremony announced that the implementation of such legislations will create a victorious BVI because it would promote transparency: “As Virgin Islanders, especially us as leaders, we must put on the clothes of being our brother’s keeper, the clothes of transparency, accountability, integrity through our actions and not only through our words.  Actions such as the passing of Freedom of Information Legislation; Conflict of interest legislation; campaign finance legislation; whistle blowing Legislation to protect public servants and other needed legislation as well as policies and decisions that will put Virgin Islanders in the front seat of the car rather than in the back or not in the car at all.”

“These actions will allow us to be properly attired to open the door and allow victory to feel welcomed, so that it will come right in without a fight, without trying to manipulate the people, without trying to tear each other down, without fighting unnecessary battles,” Hon. Fahie added.

The Leader of the Opposition announced his interest to see such legislation passed in his first address to the Territory last year after being appointed to the post of Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP).  During that address Hon. Fahie listed a number of things that will be looked at, he announced that lobbying for key transparency legislation such as the Freedom of Information Bill that has had mounting calls with no response is top of the list.

Hon. Fahie mentioned that the VIP intends to push for the legislation: “From this moment, the newly refueled VIP will be championing the cause for the passing of a few pieces of Legislation and policies:  Whistle blowing Legislation for Public Officers; Campaign Financing Legislation; Ethics Legislation; Freedom of Information Act; Consumer Protection; and an Economic Plan to boost local businesses,” he said.

  • Source: BVIHotpress.com

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