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Stand Against Violence Today—Musicians Sound Alarm

A unique and public stance will be taken in the Territory today June 16th at exactly 4:00pm when all is expected to stand at attention for one minute in remembrance of those who died from violence and as a public denouncement of crime.

The one-minute stance will be signaled by the sound of the Disaster Management’s emergency alert siren. Once the siren blares all radio stations will seize broadcast, and the police will be on the road to maintain the traffic as people stop where they are in observance.

In announcing the event that is a collaboration between BVI Musicians, the Lions Club, and the RVIPF the Police Information Office announced: “The siren test which will be heard around the Territory will signal the start of a one-minute observance to remember those who died as a result of violence, and to take a stand and pray against the violence and crime that is creeping into the Virgin Islands community.”

Residents are encouraged to participate by stopping wherever they are, whether in their vehicles, walking, shopping or working and remaining at a standstill -- reflect and pray until the siren has stopped. It was also noted that organizations will gather around the Road Town Roundabout to let their stand be seen at 4pm.

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews said that he is pleased that the RVIPF was invited to participate in the moment of silence: “We welcomed the opportunity to be part of this community-wide pause and the level of engagement it is brings to the fight against crime. From speaking to many including the organizers of this Stop-the-Crime campaign, I see a general recognition and acceptance that there must be a community response to these acts of violence. We must collectively say, ‘No more; not here, not in my community’ and put a stop to this unwelcomed invasion,” the Commissioner said.

A free, live concert showcasing the top in BVI’s musical talent will follow the moment of silence at 6pm at the Tortola Pier Park.

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