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Another Change! Gov't Going Ahead With Work Permit Fee Hike

The government has apparently changed its mind again about delaying indefinitely the work permit fee increase as yesterday, June 14th, Hon. Dr. Kedrick Pickering, Labour Minister issued a new statement announcing that the new fee structure will take effect from next month. 

"Recently, we announced that the implementation of the new fee structure scheduled for 15th May, 2017 would be delayed to give the Government an opportunity to review the concerns raised by various industry representatives and stakeholders. I wish to thank the business community for sharing their additional views and concerns during this period."

He said that their objective is always to provide an opportunity for feedback.  

"I am pleased that employees, employers and members of the public came forward and shared their views. We acknowledge the valuable feedback provided during the review process and we thank you for your patience during this time."

"We have carefully considered the expressed views, and have weighed them against our objective of rationalizing our very dated fee structure and our current process of improving service and efficiencies within the Labour Department, prior to the determination of the new implementation date."

He said that persons should note that the new work permit fee structure is one that is progressive and based on income, meaning that the amount charged for a work permit will be based on an employee’s annual income, and will be calculated as a percentage of that income.

"Be reminded that the new work permit fee structure is progressive and based on income. Under the revised fee structure, no work permit will cost more than $10,000. Progressive means that persons will pay a different percentage at different levels of their annual income."

For example, a person earning $40,000, the work permit fee will be $1,500 and calculated as:

$25,000 @ 3% = $750

$15,000 @ 5% = $750

Total Work Permit Fee = $1,500

Similarly, the work permit fee for a person earning $65,000 will be calculated as:

$25,000 @ 3% = $750

$25,000 @ 5% = $1250

$15,000 @ 7% = $1050

Total Work Permit Fee = $3,050

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