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No More Crime in BVI – Premier Pleads

During the Private Members Business segment of the House of Assembly on 13th June Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith repeated his previous plea for all to be done to keep crime low to nonexistent in the Territory.

The Premier’s crime comment on Tuesday was a recap of what he said in the House of Assembly on May 29th about making the BVI crime free: “We have always been saying that we are a low crime country, but we should be aiming to be a no crime country, because we know that any number of crime is not good for any society. And particularly for the citizens of our country and in particular the kind of industries that we have,” the BVI Leader announced previously.

In relations to achieving the crime free level or maintaining its low crime level Premier Smith said the support of the Police and other law enforcement area is paramount: “We have to continue to support our law enforcement agencies and this government has always been in a position where we have supported and will continue to support law enforcement agencies.”

“We have to continue to provide resources needed both in terms of man power both in terms of equipment needed. We need to increase the size of our police force as the demand,” he added.

In March Commissioner of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF), Michael Matthews also announced that crime has decreased in the Territory.

During a media interview on March 16th the Commissioner explained that the crime situation in the BVI remains moderate: “Crime has continue to fall, generally speaking in the Territory. I’ve just reported to the National Security Council that at the end of February crime was done five percent compared to this time last year. However, and I’m the first to accept the incidents of serious violence has not decreased.”

The RVIPF Commissioner noted that some of the crimes that were previously recorded have subside: “While we are seeing thefts we are seeing car crime, we’re seeing criminal damages, we’re seeing burglaries reduced and it is obvious to everybody we’re seeing killings on our street. We’ve seen robberies and we’ve seen the unacceptable use of firearms in the country and it is those very areas that we’ve got to focus our attention to,” he said.

Nonetheless he announced that some of the extra money that would be approved to the RVIPF would be used to combat serious crimes: “That is where that money is going to go to, to combat the more serious crimes that are affecting innocent people in this Territory.

“I’ve said this before and I maintain this position despite what has happened recently, compared to a number of other Caribbean countries and Territories we’re pretty safe here and people can walk around pretty safely, but we have a very small minority of very dangerous offenders that need to be dealt with,” Commissioner Matthew added.

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