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Others Following Us- Tourism Director

Director of Tourism, Sharon Flax-Brutus, said that other Caribbean islands are copying the BVI's Food Fete initiative. 

"At last year's launch I hinted at the competition that we are facing because of our success with the month long food feting. It's heated up even more. We now have USVI, Barbados and St Barths with culinary events all in November," Flax-Brutus said at the launch of BVI Food Fete in Cane Garden Bay. 

"As we continue to set the pace we aim to lead the charge hence, exciting new additions were added to our line up," she added. 

The month long event takes place in November. 

Also, she disclosed that she had just returned from representing the Premier at the Caribbean Tourism Organization's (CTO) annual Caribbean Week conference in New York where tourism leaders meet to discuss the state of the industry. 

"I can assure you that the BVI was on everyone's lips-from our impressive performance in 2016 to former U.S President Barack Obama's visit and to our bronze place finish at Taste of the Caribbean," she added.

The Director added, "They kept saying 'for small islands you are doing well on the tourism landscape'. My smile could not be wider as I accepted the compliments on behalf of my little country."

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