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Owners To be Bear Removal Cost for Abandoned Items

The owners of the items that were left at the Baughers Bay Fisherman’s Wharf following the June 9th deadline will be billed the removal cost when Government undertakes the clearing of the property.

The announcement of the removal deadline and the fact that owners who failed to comply will be charged was made by Sixth District Representative, Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines in the House of Assembly on May 29th during Private Members Business.

The Sixth District Representative said “We are expecting maybe in a week or two to start the work at the Fisherman’s wharf at Baughers Bay. We are again asking anyone who have trailers or any item on that strip of land adjacent to the Fisherman’s Wharf to remove them by Friday (June 9).

“Anything that’s left there after Friday will be moved at the owner’s expense. We need to get the work started, we need to get the gazebos up and going and we’re pleading to the owners of those items to have them removed from that strip of land,” the District Representative added.

Hon. Maduro-Caines stated that the commencement of the work is being impeded by the many items currently stored on the property: “There are a lot of containers, there are a lot of boat trailers, there’s also boats that needs to be moved; so that we can have that land leveled out to start the construction of the gazebos and other projects that have to go on the strip of that land,” Hon. Maduro-Caines said.

  • Source: BVIHotpress.com

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