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Minister Pleads with Service Providers for Better Internet

Once again Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool pleaded with the telecommunications service providers to improve the level of service they provide to the Territory.

During the TRC Video Awards Competition Ceremony that was held at Maria’s By Sea on May 17 Hon. Vantepool told the gathering that slow internet is still the norm in the Territory despite promises and announcements.

“In August of last year, we went through a phase of difficulties and controversy and eventually, we were able to settle on awarding LTE spectrum to the existing Service Providers – CCT, Digicel and Flow. This means that these Operators now have enough spectrum and have started to roll out high speed wireless Internet, through the LTE or Long Term Evolution process,” the Minister recalled.

Hon. Vanterpool said that his concern should not be misconstrued as being difficult or hard on the providers. However he said that the community has exercised patience and now deserves to be rewarded with better service.

“I would say I am patient and I am sure we, as consumers, have a lot of patience. We do understand that in any business or in any venture, there are difficulties, there are challenges and we appreciate that with the Providers. I want to encourage them to keep working hard as they do, because at the end of the day, it’s their business. It’s for you to be successful,” the Minister added.

Hon. Vanterpool noted that the BVI internet speed should be comparable with the rest of the world and used a personal experience to make his point: “A guest I had at one of my villas, who brought his parents for a week’s holiday, was in the business of day trading, where you have to be very much in touch with the Stock Market in the US and all over the world, trading instantly as you get the information. The next morning when he realized that he couldn’t get the download speeds to make a trade, he asked me “what time is the next boat to St. Thomas?” He did get on a boat, but by afternoon, we got the speed up temporarily to about 2 or 3 and that worked, but he was not happy. This is the world today.”

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