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Only We Can Save Our Community-Penn On Crime 

In light of the recent hike in criminal activities mainly in the East End/Long Look district, Hon. Marlon Penn, Eight District Representative has called on the residents to come together and help the police. 

"We have all heard the stories about the crime that has hit our community. I am happy to have the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Matthews amongst us tonight. It shows the Commissioner's commitment to be integrated into the community to be part of the community to solve the crimes together as a community, because at the end of the day, only us can save our community," he said.

Penn was speaking on Saturday evening at his block party in Parham Town to celebrate his 40th birthday. 

"We need to be more vigilant as a community, support the police and we need to be able to work together as unit. I hope this event brings back that connection that we have had as a community, so that we can all grow and develop once again like we did 10, 20 years ago."

At the event persons were entertained by VIBE and Burning Flames. 



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