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COP Says Police Working Hard to Solve Murders

Commissioner of Police (COP), Michael Matthews announced that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) is actively investigate the various murder cases with an aim of solving them. He also pleaded for persons with information to share what the know with the police.

The Commissioner made the statement in wake of the recent passing of gunshot victim Shaun Richards. In announcing that this and other murders are being worked on the COP said: “What I can say is my detectives are passionately pursuing all available leads into the recent murders and I receive briefs and progress reports on a daily basis. We, in turn, keep family members updated.”

Mr. Matthews asked for public patience and promised to disclose news on case progress as soon as it is possible to do so: “Murder enquiries by their very nature can be long and painstaking however when we do find the perpetrators of these murders or have gained reportable inroads into these investigations, then the families and public will be informed.”

 “For now I again seek assistance from the public with information no matter how insignificant it may appear. Just point us in the right direction, we will take it from there. One bit of information may be all we need to connect the dots, ultimately strengthening and even expediting an investigation. There are people living within our community who have the information needed to help in bringing these killers to justice. I appeal directly to them to speak to the detectives of the Major Crime Team directly by calling,” The Commissioner stated as he pleaded for witnesses to come forward.

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