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eLearning Launch Coming

The Ministry of Education is preparing to launch new learning tools by offering students, teachers and parents access to eLearning for tutorial and testing purposes.

Minister of Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn told the House of Assemby on Tuesday that the additional learning support will be offered through an eLearning and online tutorial and test preparation platform through the Caribbean based GoGSat Limited.

According to the Minister, during the week of 24th April, 2017 the Ministry will launch the BVI portal, which provides access to the GoGSat platform at www.Learninghub.online.

“The aim is to increase student achievement by augmenting the teaching and learning process in the classroom, to align students learning in all subjects regardless of the school and to provide an academic pathway for late achievers and persons seeking a high school diploma that are outside of the formal education system, inclusive of those that are incarcerated,” Minister Walwyn stated. 

He noted that the Learning Hub targets primary and secondary school students from Grades 4–12, and their respective teachers as well as independent students in alternative secondary school programmes in the territory.

This eLearning and online test preparation system is expected to provide learning and testing resources for the core subjects of Math, English Language, Social Studies and Science at the primary level, all subjects at the secondary level including Financial Services, Tourism, Virgin Islands Studies and Civics, as well as all our CSEC and CAPE subjects. 

In addition to providing mock exams and topic specific tests, the Minister noted that the learning hub has the capability of generating notes, study guides, handouts and work sheets on specific topic areas by grade level.

It will also allow teachers to set up chat rooms for their classes where concepts can be introduced or reinforced.

“The system can grade essays, offer live tutorials, provide homework help, answer questions for students in real time and generate educational games also,” Minister Walwyn noted.  

It was pointed out that the agreement for the learning hub is being done through Digicel BVI Limited.  Through this agreement, the government will give access to a maximum of 4100 users which will cover students and teachers of public and private schools as well as private users. 

Parents will be asked to partner with the government in this project by committing $5.00 per month or $60. 00 a year for full use of this system and the government through the Ministry of Education will bear the remaining cost of the 2.50 or 30.00 per year for every student registered.

  • Source: BVIHotpress.com

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