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Lawyers Not Keen On Working For Gov't- Pay Not Good Enough 

Law students who received government scholarships are not too keen on working for government upon their return home.

Mrs. Tiffany Scatliffe-Esprit, Principal Crown Counsel in the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Office said when a particular post of Crown Counsel was filled by a non-BVIslander recently, they had advertised several times for Virgin Islanders who were coming home.

She however; said that none of them were interested in working for the government, yet alone the office of the DPP.

She further explained that criminal prosecution is not a glamorous job and it does not pay well, which is what she has been told to her face by many recruits.

A Crown Counsel's emolument ranges from $42,486.00 to $67,509.00 annually.

Scatliffe-Esprit indicated that she has personally tried to recruit persons that she knew had gone to the United Kingdom (UK) or the University of the West Indies to study. She further stated that they have told her they have no interest in working in the DPP's office.

She explained that at the time when they had recruited a non-BVIslander, all of the applicants had been non-BVIslanders.

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