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VG Fest Committee Remembers Mr. Melee

This will be the first year in a very long time that Mr. Neil “Melee” Blyden will not be an instrumental part of the annual Virgin Gorda Easter Wet Fete; and the Festival and Fairs Committee in recognition of this sad fact has decided to pay tribute to the late community stalwart.

Mr. Blyden was known to take pride in ensuring that the Wet Fete took place and was filled with fun and excitement. However, he died earlier this year and many in the community noted that Mr. Blyden would be sadly missed especially at this time of the year.

Nonetheless, the Committee has found a way to pay tribute to Mr. Blyden by naming the April 16 event in tribute. In making the announcement during a television appearance Chairman of the Festival Fair Committee, Trefor Grant said that it was a welcomed decision.

“This is a decision that is very recent. Mr. Blyden as a lot of people know, he actually revived and took over the Wet Fete. He has done a lot for the Virgin Gorda community in terms of getting bands to where they are, and Virgin Gorda bands especially; and other local bands. He has done a lot in promoting the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival,” Mr. Grant said.

The Wet Fete which is held annually at St Thomas Bay features water based activities such as paddle boards, kayaks, water trampoline and a wet tee-shirt contest. Entertainment mainly comprise of Virgin Islands artistes.

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