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2 New Generators Pass Reliability Trial – Handed Over to BVIEC

The Phase V project is now in calm waters as the BVIEC announced that the reliability trials of the recently commissioned generators have yielded favourable results.

In an update on Saturday the Corporation disclosed that two of the three new generators completed all of the reliability trials and tests; and have been handed over to the Corporation for commercial operation.

“Works continue, and we expect to take over the third one in the coming weeks. This project has been quite a journey but the finish line is now clearly in sight,” BVIEC said.

Last month the project experienced a brief setback when one of the two new generators that were being tested at the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) Pockwood Pond power station did not pass the reliability trials.

In an update on February 13 the BVIEC stated that the tests continued on the recently commissioned generators. It was also mentioned that while two generators were to be test and tried, only one was in good standings.

The Corporation announced: “The other unit which was also being tested last week developed a component failure. The failure resulted in the unit shutting down and brief outages on a number of feeders around the Territory.”

“Replacement components are currently being acquired so that the generator may re-commence it's reliability trials upon completion of the repairs,” the BVIEC further stated.

In a previous update the BVIEC noted that the generators being tested will be required to produce their full rated capacity continuously for the next two weeks to successfully complete the trials. “During this time the new engines will be supplying over half of the Territory's daily electrical energy,” the Department explained.

The two of three new generators were started for the first time on Saturday January 28th at the Pockwood Pond station.

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