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Vandal Breach FLOW Protection to Hack Line Again

The scenario of telecommunications company FLOW’s lines being hacked by a machete wielding vandal is becoming a bit too frequent as the company announced that despite its best effort to protect against the recent damages, the determined perpetrator struck again.

Once again Sarah Graham, the Head of Marketing at telecommunications company FLOW is reporting that the company’s lines were deliberately damaged: “Flow have had another cable cut in the Harrigan Estate area. This was one of the ones that we have tried to protect.”

In noting that the repeat issue appears deliberate Ms. Graham said: “Unfortunately this person is very determined to do damage. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers. We hope that the repair will be completed tomorrow morning (today Thursday 16).”

The Head of Marketing is also appealing for public vigilance on the matter, and persons with information are still asked to contact Officer Brad Remy at the Road Town Police Station.

As recent as last week the company encountered similar vandalism when someone damaged two cable lines by hacking or cutting them.

As a result of that incident customers in the Great Mountain area experienced service disruption. It was at that time that Ms. Graham disclosed that the matter is under police investigation.

Last month the Company experience similar line damages and as a result some residents in the Cane Garden Bay area experienced internet issues.

The vandalism was reported on February 9th, by Graham who at the time announced: “Flow would like to notify customers in the Cane Garden Bay area that due to vandalism of a meter feeding our cabinet, customers may be experiencing loss of their internet service in the area. Once BVIEC have replaced the meter service it will be restored. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Ms. Graham explained that in addition to damaging the meter feeding cabinet, some cables were also destroyed.

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