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Walwyn Threatens To Bring Files 

Education Minister Hon. Myron V. Walwyn has threatened to bring evidence to show how the former Virgin Islands Party (VIP) administration under which Opposition Leader, Hon. Andrew Fahie served, was not prudent with the finances. 

Hon. Fahie was Education Minister under the VIP.

Minister Walwyn told the House of Assembly that during his first year in the Ministry back in 2011/2012, most of the allocation had to be used to pay old bills. 

“A lot of the things were done the same way the Member spoke about phone calls being made to give work. That is what they did because there was absolutely no paperwork, no paperwork for a lot of the things we had to deal with...The day before elections people were getting contracts and phone calls, you cannot find nothing in the Ministry and not in my Ministry alone," he claimed.

He added, "the evidence is there and we have had to pay those bills because you had a contractual arrangements with the people. So the Member now is acting brand new when he knows that he has been culpable in many of these things.”


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